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mesh. This matrix can be used to express a The Zone had to be provided for the library to calculate the Easting/Northing values. And "Shop_table" with my shops id, latitude and longitude (500 rows). i. shp has 3 parts, i. The code calculates the world space AABB based on the actual mesh In conventional geometry, the smallest enclosing box problem is that of finding the oriented It is straightforward to find the smallest enclosing box that has sides parallel to the coordinate axes; the difficult part of the problem is to determine the  Hide Coordinates; EPSG:4326 - WGS 84; EPSG:3857 - WGS 84 / Pseudo- Mercator. (having children) sucht that it's top left corner is at some target coordinates. The accuracy of the bounding box depends upon how finely the curve is divided and sampled. To assist with this, I created the following table containing the "bounding box" lat/lng values for each UTM Zone in North America. You can do it using page. The ground truth bounding box should now be shown in the image above. Shapefile . The circumscribed rectangle, or bounding box, is the smallest rectangle that can be drawn around a set of points such that all the points are inside it, or exactly on one of its sides. Well my concern is to calculate XYZ of all the components As with 2D collision detection, axis-aligned bounding boxes (AABB) are the quickest algorithm to determine whether the two game entities are overlapping or not. This tool will geocode anything on a map and display a bounding box that it will fit  In object detection, we usually use a bounding box to describe the target location. ops. Attached is a LISP that returns the bounding box in current UCS coordinates. Check out the wikipedia page on Image Moments A bounding sphere is a hypothetical sphere that completely encompasses an object. To efficiently apply affine transform to a piece of the image and not the entire image, we crop the input image based on the bounding box calculated in the previous step. r1 = cv2. In this series we will explore the capabilities of YOLO for image detection in python! This video will look at - how to display our images and draw bounding boxes - Create callbacks to save our If you're looking to calculate distance between multiple coordinates, or calculate a bounding box to find nearby coordinates in your database, it may make sense to check it out. Nominatim API returns a boundingbox property of the form: south Latitude, north Latitude, west Longitude, east Show a bounding box around a city, state, country, or zipcode using geocoding. Mouse 0. GetData<> surely I could use this to calculate a bounding box that I could use to create a non-AABB This figure illustrates the centroid and bounding box. 'MajorAxisLength' - Scalar; the length (in pixels) of the major axis of the ellipse that has the same second-moments as the region. The key: specify both its size and position in the plot coordinates. Compute the xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax using the values of theta for the local extremes and the newly computed cx and cy coordinates. Carpooling, or known as ride sharing, was successfully tested to have many benefits, such as reducing traffic jam, saving money, and protect environments. -. This is useful in several ways. 75652, -53. In this case the coordinates for  GeoBoundingBox() is used to aggregate a geometry into an area and calculate the smallest bounding box that contains all coordinates. Empty if not bounding box  Jun 7, 2017 BoundingBox ( _Flags_ , _lpr8Left_ , _lpr8Bottom_ , _lpr8Right_ lpr8Left, Required, Double, Returns the x-coordinate of the left edge of the bounding box. One popular way to define them is to specify a (center) point C and orthonormal set of basis vectors {u ˆ, v ˆ, w ˆ}, which determines location and orientation, and three scalars representing the half-width, half-height, and half Hello. Like this not only we will know the bounding box of the whole ellipse, but we will also know which value of theta corresponds to maximum and which one to minimum X = x*cos(θ) - y*sin(θ) Y = x*sin(θ) + y*cos(θ) This will give you the location of a point rotated θ degrees around the origin. Using a Bounding Box. These steps are shown below. The code in one of the GTAC links above shows how to do that. I would like to determine the torsion of an object bounding box in reference to the global coordinate system (such that for a axis aligned object all angles will be 0). We calculate the bounding box pre-dictor jthat is responsible for an object by choosing the bounding box with the largest intersection over union (IoU) from the grid cell iwhere the object center is known The bbox_pred_net layer produces the class specific bounding box regression coefficients which are combined with the original bounding box coordinates produced by the proposal target layer to produce the final bounding boxes. Using Google Earth to Determine Bounding Coordinates for Cartographic Materials Setting Preferences for Google Earth 1. The source for this image and bounding box is the coco dataset. klokantech. 000000. e. Here is my code responsible for drawing the Boxes: vector > contours; vector in the image, the width is just the difference between the highest and lowest x-coordinate. I can keep track of the maps position with onRegionChange but that only gives me the coordinates and delta. from UliEngineering. You can find all the technical discription of shapefile, provided by esri in their website. Test Code and CSV file: calculate bounding box coordinates. The code was written a number of years ago; it works with NX 10, though it makes use of some functions that are now deprecated. The bounding box created by this method is the same one used to calculate the built-in LENGTH custom property for a Structural Member feature in a weldment part. The calculated bounding box will be in the local coordinates of that sub-tree. The four sides of the rectangle are always either vertical or horizontal, parallel to the x or y axis . But, if you specify the optional “plane” argument, the bounding box will be computed based on that plane. census. A C# class library that will calculate distance and cardinal direction between two sets of coordinates and provides the lat/long boundaries around an origin coordinate allowing for simple SQL or LINQ selection of locations within the given radius. Geometry. 1. Extracts the minimum and maximum values of the feature's coordinates into new attributes. This leaves you with the task of determining if two bounding boxes overlap which should be much easier than determining if a polygon with any number of sides is in the map view. The bounding box prediction has 5 components: (x, y, w, h, confidence). Be aware that these values may be biased by spots on the map which have been viewed more often. The region consists of the white pixels; the green box is the bounding box, and the red dot is the centroid. 455664844. The minimum bounding box of a point set is the same as the minimum bounding box of its convex hull, a fact which may be used heuristically to speed up computation. When calculating the local edges coordinates for your children you can use their bounding box or bounding circle (center position +/- radius). Nominatim API. The (x, y) coordinates represent the center of the box, relative to the grid cell location (remember that, if the center of the box does not fall inside the grid cell, than this cell is not responsible for it). jpg] What I have is an arbitrary triangle and its bounding box in 2D. Last week, we showed how to retrieve and visualize these bounding box annotations to help manually review submissions from Worker customers. 667997328 145. 000000,0. Your bounding box should be ready and it will import in your Latex document with no extra space. e the connected component having maximum pixel. I wanted the library to decide the best UTM zone based on the lat/lng coordinates. And Enlarging a bounding box always works as it still encloses the actual content. > As you noted, (vla-getBoundingBox) returns points in WCS coordinates. Shrinking a bounding box isn't possible without looking at the actual content that should be enclosed. I'm trying to calculate the size of a tikzpicture using the current bounding box, but every time I try to extract the coordinates I get 0pt (for everything). Obtaining Inset's bounding box in intrinsic plot coordinates. Is there anyway to retrieve (or calculate?) the north-east/south-west position displayed within the map? I am looking for a method to add distance to a starting GPS coordinate point to create a bounding box (to approximate a circle) which I will then use to find all matches in my MySQL database I am looking for a method to add distance to a starting GPS coordinate point to create a bounding box (to approximate a circle) which I will then use to find all matches in my MySQL database [attachment=13502:uv. The goal of this blog post is two-fold: The primary purpose is to learn how to arrange the (x, y)-coordinates associated with a rotated bounding box in top-left, top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left order. An oriented bounding box is simply a bounding parallelepiped whose faces and edges are not parallel to the basis vectors of the frame in which they're defined. Install Google Earth. Criação da bounding box dos componentes seleccionados. The calculation is based on all rendered tiles on the server. Problem is, I need to find the interpolated values of any present attributes within the triangle at arbitrary points (eg from fragment screen space coordinates). 57835, -53. com and allows visual selection of geographic coordinates of an area on a map  Scene Kit defines a bounding box in the local coordinate space using two points identifying its corners, which implicitly determine six axis-aligned planes  PDF | Calculate polygon extent (bounding box) coordinates (Xmax, Xmin, Ymax e Ymin) of each polygon and add them to the table off attributes. You can make use of the function getPointAtParam() to traverse along the spline and check for the maximum/minimum x and y coordinates. The goal is to find the nearest shop to each of my customers. If you ever worked on object detection problem where you need to predict the bounding box coordinates of the objects, you may have come across the term mAP (mean average precision). To display a bounding box around anything on a map first enter the name of a country, state, city, zipcode, or really anything you might want to see the bounds of. We need to calculate the new coordinates for each rectangle after the image rotation. Calculation of the bounding box corner points can be done with CLR table-valued function shown below. © MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors. The corresponding "pixel" coordinates of this box would be: Top Left: (335, 74) Bottom Right: (375, 110) Let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this! Due to this reason the coordinates of the bounding box are given in the page's coordinate system which is independent on the rendering parameters. My idea was to create a bounding box object bb via bpy. Show/Hide Bounding Box The bounding box is the part of the move tool (V, the black arrow) that allows you to resize your entire object as opposed to one point at a time. It is accurate for short distances as well as for long distances, and works for any geographic location, even if it is near a pole or the 180th meridian. This calculation of the coordinates can be made using an affine transformation. Surprisingly, this is the first formula one learns in analytic geometry: d((a,b),(c,d))=√[(c-a)^2 + (d-b)^2]. This post explains how, given latitude and longitude coordinates in Google Maps (specifically, in the Static API), how one can draw a bounding box around them, based on a distance in either miles or kilometers. Note: I had pasted an incorrect link in the previous reply - I have edited the reply to correct the link. 2) You will need to calculate the bounding box for the prototype body rather than the assembly occurrence body. Here's how to do that using open source tools: Download the state borders file from TIGER 2010 > http://www2. File header stores the bounding box of shapefile. Calculate the coordinates of the four corners. Each of the normals of the bounding box point in a different direction, so the angle between that normal and the z axis will vary. For example, the operation returns a bounding box ( ) for each face detected in an image. For example the coordinates of Lizard Island in Queensland are: -14. Detecção automática do tipo de matéria prima para execução dos componentes (varão ou bloco) Calculate the bounding box's X, Y, Height and Width of a rotated element via JavaScript getboundingclientrect width (4) Basically I'm asking this question for JavaScript: Calculate Bounding box coordinates from a rotated rectangle Help and Feedback You did not find what you were looking for? Ask a question on the Q&A forum. This action returns  Nov 2, 2008 First you have to calculate the bounding box. Even bounding box instances have a bounding_box attribute, since they are themselves finite shapes. So I have found how to call the "radius", with the bounding box, but I can't find how to simply get the 4 needed coordinates from my position (assuming I'm at the center of the circle/rectangle, of course erm sorry, I was referring to the Model class not exposing the vertex data of the model, which as far as I knew was always the case, yet now that I go into my code I see I can do ModelMesh. X  Alternatively, the $(x_c, y_c)$ coordinates for the center of the bounding box can be ||_2$ for the bounding boxes in both cases shown above and we calculate  toBBOX, Returns a boundingbox-string representation of the bounds object. It is defined by a 3D coordinate representing the center of the sphere, and a scalar radius that defines the maximum distance from the center of the sphere to any point in the object. boundingRect(tri1) r2 = cv2. The image transformation can be expressed in the form of a matrix multiplication using an affine transformation. And vice versa for the north-east corner. Coordinates and kilometres/miles You've always been told that Greenland is not as large as it is depicted on your average 2D map. And in 3 dimensions, d((a,b,c),(a',b',c&#039;))=√[(a The template is the bounding box around the instrument tip, which will be followed by the tracker and used as an input for the pose estimator. This property is supported only for 2-D input Calculate the area of a Google Earth polygon, its perimeter, centroid, and bounding box. I had a need to calculate the bounding box of a 3D model and finally figured it out. How can I plot a specific size 3D bounding box (cube) around a 3D point? For example, the coordinate of the point is (10,5,10) and I need to draw a 3D bounding box size 20 (20x20x20) around the point such that the point is in the center (inside) of the 3D box. Create a single polygon bounding box around the beech trees with st_make_grid() with an argument of n = 1. rotation_euler describes how the object is transformed from the world coordinate system. ; If you think something is missing or wrong in the documentation, please file a bug report. The prefix, MBG_, indicates minimum bounding geometry field. I have implemented that simple, basic school algorithm and calculation is ok. I am trying to create a rectangular bounding box of coordinates (latitude and longitude) to find out about the SST in Great Barrier Reef. . The "export data" link on the main website allows you to draw a box, and the coordinates of the edges are shown to you. SoGet-BoundingBoxAction is typically called on a path, which enables you to obtain a bounding box for a specific object in world coordinates. First you have to calculate the bounding box. I have the coordinates of the top left point of a rectangle as well as its width, height and rotation from 0 to 180 and -0 to -180. Familiarize yourself with the Google Earth User Guide at It includes both ways of retrieving the aligned bounding box in the code – the 2014 method, and the 2013 one as a fallback. The term "box"/"hyperrectangle" comes from its usage in the Cartesian coordinate system, where it is indeed visualized as a rectangle (two-dimensional case), rectangular The width, length, and diameter values are in feature units; the orientation angles are in decimal degrees clockwise from north. Measuring distance between objects in an image with OpenCV. gov/geo/tiger/TIGER2010/STATE/2010/tl_2010_us Dear FME community, I want to calculate the coordinates of the center point of a line with 2 points (begin and end point). Fortunatly, I also have column "city" in both my tables. g. Check the box "Automatically calculate Bounding Box" Click Yes. At the moment the calculations are done is real time, which is very slow. Affine transformation. Since the corners of the square are rotated around the center of the square and not the origin, a couple of steps need to be added to be able to use this formula. I then draw bounding box around the detected object. Using tranparency channel. On character inputs  LocalBoundingBox and BoundingBox methods calculate axis-aligned In our engine we require that the points' coordinates are correctly ordered, i. Now what i want to do is to create a code in order to save the x and y coordinates of a (moving) bounding box (in all the frames of my video that is visible). The calculations seem to be working correctly (ie I get the correct bounding box dimension) but when these calculated bounding boxes gets output from the custom GH component, they all get displayed oriented in the WorldXY plane. Coordinates import BoundingBox # Usage example: BoundingBox(coords) # BoundingBox(6. Image moments help you to calculate some features like center of mass of the object, area of the object etc. I think I have to create a bounding box with coordinates matching this circle of 300 meters but I wanna know if a service exists in the api to create this box or if not, what is the formula I can use. This function returns a bounding box for a given feature. To succeed in pairing passengers with drivers in carpooling, we must the 7 7 2 = 98 predictions of bounding boxes in the im-age, only 2 will be “responsible” for an object since there are only two objects. The sketch can be accessed via the API and the actual bounding box points retrieved (in the standard coordinate system). GetModelRange(), which gives us a min and max Vector3d from which we can calculate the bounding box. I. INTRODUCTION. Or to be more specific, which bounding box and coordinate space we're looking at. . This consists of wrapping game entities in a non-rotated (thus axis-aligned) box and checking the positions of these boxes in the 3D coordinate space to see if they are overlapping. These coordinates are normalized to fall between 0 and 1. At runtime, the inequalities do not involve any arithmetic, and only compare raw coordinates with the precomputed min and max constants. In the FilterRecord the rectangle meaning is something else. You can use the bounding box coordinates to display a box around detected items. the tricky part is to get the global coordinates of that bounding-box I guess? Gets the world axis aligned boundingbox for the geometry. In this case the coordinates for the marker that’s most south and the marker that’s most west provides the coordinates for the south-west corner. So you need to translate the coordinates of bounding box from one to another - from page's coordinate system to the device coordinate system. The resulting coordinate (x,y) should be stored in two attributes, i. but for my objective i have to find out the staring and ending coordinates(say if object is line then what is staring(x,y) and ending (x,y) coordinate of the line). GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. The Create Minimum Bounding Rectangle tool allows you to choose a target layer, then create a polygon that encloses all the selected features. and the x and y axis coordinates in the lower-right corner of the rectangle. eps" at the end (the ghost probably will appear in your win machine after the rename). Standalone  ST_Extent returns a bounding box that encloses a set of geometries. The Bounding Diamond I want to calculate the bounding box of these Breps from different planes (worldXY, rotated worldXY etc). How would I calculate this? Getting Image Orientation and Bounding Box Coordinates Applications that use Amazon Rekognition Image commonly need to display the images that are detected by Amazon Rekognition Image operations and the boxes around detected faces. 56289) You can use this on a list of coordinates without explicitly converting them to a numpy array, because min and max will convert the list implicitly. var METERS_PER_LEVEL = 3; var DEFAULT_HEIGHT = 10; function getBoundingBox(osmb, feature) { var bounds > a rectangle's bounding box > > how would i obtain the smallest bouding box of the rectangle, > in other words, is there a way to read a 45 rotated ucs for this rectangls. I am trying to get the bounding coordinates of the actual box around the rectangle. Apr 8, 2019 Intuitively they could be the center coordinates of the bounding box, width, easily calculate back to predicted bounding box representation. The most important for me is to calculate those coordinates quickly. Computing the distance between objects is very similar to computing the size of objects in an image — it all starts with the reference object. You have to mask image with own algorithm to get real bounding box. L . x_middle and y_middle. mAP is a By default, this function will compute the bounding box of an array of objects in world coordinates. To get a tighter bounding box you need to calculate the bounding box yourself. I all ready find out the maximum connected component in the binary image,i. That is, the coordinate for the south-west and north-east corners. For a Shape object, the BoundingBox method returns a rectangle . All you have to do is to maintain 4 variables in which you save max and min x/y coordinates you found parsing all your children objects. To find the different features of contours, like area, perimeter, centroid, bounding box etc; You will see plenty of functions related to contours. We know this is the ground truth because a person manually annotated the image. But on the other hand in my case bounding box doesn't need to be accurate. If applying it to a scene graph root node, the calculated bounding box will be in global coordinates. The method computes bounding coordinates that can be used for a database index scan – just like we would use minimum bounding rectangles to speed up queries in Cartesian space. What formula could I use to calculate the size in Kilometres of a bounding box based on a given Southwest latitude/longitude and a Northeast latitude/longitude points? The bounding box format is defined as: bounds = sw_latitude,sw_longitude,ne_latitude,ne_longitude Amazon Rekognition Image operations can return bounding boxes coordinates for items that are detected in images. +. shp file format. Is there a way to calculate coordinates in world space, based on the current modelview matrix? Or is there a better way to do bounding box calculations? Show a bounding box around a city, state, country, or zipcode using geocoding. Supports inputs of type: character, point, multipoint, linestring, multilinestring, polygon, multipoygon, feature, and featurecollection. I have all the vertex positions, but since I use glTranslatef, glScalef, & glRotatef and then draw, the points locations that I have are relative to the object at (0,0,0) with no rotation. Box 0. When other kinds of measure are used, the minimum box is usually called accordingly, e. I prefer the 2014 method as it does not rely on a particular type of geometry and will be future-proof if other geometry types are added, or Revit changes its bounding-box algorithm: Index Terms—route comparison, carpooling, bounding box, navigation, global positioning system . I'm not very good at geometry and I need help in calculating the bounding box of this circle. As detailed in our previous blog post, our reference object should have two important properties: This table approximates the tile sizes of the given bounding box. This would allow us to minimize the number of expensive distance calculations to perform. I am working on a project where i use a camera to detect moving objects. de/ LatitudeLongitudeBoundingCoordinates. The boundingbox of the geometry in world coordinates or BoundingBox. Instructions Latitude/Longitude Combinations within Bounding Box Given a bounding box, I would like to be able to calculate all possible latitude/longitude combinations within that box, to a certain accuracy e. For example, I want to find all nodes in a radius of 300 meters around me. One method to go about this is to store the bounding coordinates of your polygon compare then to the bounding box of the viewable map. The use of bounding boxes is ubiquitous within the Coin library. , "minimum-perimeter bounding box". The method utilised to determine the minimum bounding box involves the function successively rotating all objects in the supplied set about a central base point (given by the initial bounding box), and calculating the area of the bounding box encapsulating all objects in the set for each rotation. # Find bounding box. 000000  this assumes you have a leaflet map object named 'map' - although not necessary to get the bounding box, allows you to visualize what is  I wrote an article about finding the bounding coordinates: http://JanMatuschek. Copyright © 2017 Klokan Technologies  Feb 23, 2017 class BoundingBox(object): """; A 2D bounding box; """; def __init__(self, points): if len(points) == 0: raise ValueError("Can't compute bounding  Circumscribed rectangle, or bounding box(Coordinate Geometry). We can calculate the coordinates of the corner points of the box, persist it in the table and use regular non-clustered index to pre-filter the data. Each of the triangle's vertices may carry the usual attributes like UV coordinates, color, etc. 3 decimal places. Streets, Satellite · Basic, OSM. That is, the coordinate for the south- west and north-east corners. Since the features used for the pose estimator are sensitive to scale changes, we can define the template based on the landmark positions of the instrument, as in [8]. The obj. The bounding box of a bounding box is just itself, which may seem silly, but it lets you include BoundingBox instances in collections of other shapes without special casing them. The bounding box is the computationally simplest of all linear bounding containers, and the one most frequently used in many applications. The Top Left Corner of the bounding box is 22% from the top and 67% from the Left The Bottom Right Corner of the bounding box is 33% from the top and 75% from the left. Zoom 3. boundingRect(tri2) Crop images & change coordinates . The user provides me with a coordinate point (10, -5) and a radius of 23. When size of Inset is specified as a pair of numbers they are taken in the units of the intrinsic coordinate system of the enclosing graphics. Moments . Always include bounding box +-L * Ordering coordinates clockwise with Python and OpenCV. Show the coordinates of a kml placemark. This week, we will take things a step further and show how to calculate and score Worker submissions to help us programmatically evaluate accuracy. Pseudocode will be something like: $\begingroup$ It is unclear what you mean by "torsion". 2. Details. A quick option is to convert the polygon to points, calculate the X/Y coordinates for the points in new fields and with a Select by Attributes query get the max/min from the X/Y field values and use that as your maximum extent points. Polygon} A new polygon with the coordinates of this bounds. To get bounding box details of shapefile, we need to concern about . Compute the bounding box coordinates with st_bbox(). Solid Edge ST6 introduced a new method, View. A GeoBoundingBox is  Enter a country, state, city, or zipcode to display the smallest box it will fit in. I would be grateful if you could show me some code example that do conversions essential for calculating I'm writing a program in C++ to calculate the boundary box of a circle. Navigate to the output folder and rename this newly created file appending ". VertexBuffer. I can't seem to calculate a bounding box for a Spine attachment. I want to do a research within 300m and see if some of those places are into the radius. Calculate the length of a path, its mid-point, and bounding box. Math. To help sp The code below will allow the user to select a solid body, then it will calculate the bounding box dimensions and add them as part attributes. The smallest rectangle that the bounding box. How to find XYZ extents of an assembly BBLz that represent the XYZ coordinates of the bounding box. The article explains  A bounding box (usually shortened to bbox) is an area defined by two "export data" link on the main website allows you to draw a box, and the coordinates of  Always include bounding box. I have two tables. It can get turned off by mistake sometimes leaving you wondering why you can’t resize objects. PageToDevice method (clickable) Determine the bounding box of the whole ellipse. What is a simple way of calculating the coordinates of the bounding box . and i am able to draw rectangular bounding box around that object. The ST_Extent The coordinates are in the units of the spatial ref of the orginal geometries. primitive_cube_add() and copy its parameters from the object obj: I have my actual location with the geolocation API. Tile 4,4. e file header, record header and record contents. If you're looking for a way to calculate the local bounding box manually, see my post over here. In a WikiProject having a params sub-page, you can get the bounding box by using the template pBbox. *. Table "Customers address" with my customers id, latitude and longitude (8 mln rows). A minimum bounding rectangle can be used to create an extent for a map or chart based on the features selected. Create a plot of the neighborhoods (just the geometry), the beech trees and the new box around the beech trees. so how can I find this starting point(x,y rotated rectangle coordinates (9) I have the coordinates of the top left point of a rectangle as well as its width, height and rotation from 0 to 180 and -0 to -180. For RECTANGLE_BY_AREA and RECTANGLE_BY_WIDTH, the new fields and measurements are: MBG_Width —The length of the shorter side of the resulting rectangle. Min y, max y, min x, max x? What formula could I use to calculate the size in Kilometres of a bounding box based on a given South-West latitude/longitude and a North-East latitude/longitude points? The bounding box format is defined as: bounds = sw_latitude, sw_longitude, ne_latitude, ne_longitude I've read that miller's projection is a poor idea and it's better to use state plane projection. 73462, 6. one or more of page edges and then calculate a field placement rectangle. If you need the bounding box geometry, consider using . hi all, i'm trying to calculate the boundingbox of a parent mesh,  May 31, 2017 The tool is freely available at http://boundingbox. calculate bounding box coordinates

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